C2B2 Skills and networks


The consortium brings together 11 key partners with the core skills and competences needed to implement the transition towards co-created science-based ocean governance.

Stakeholders (Associated Partners)

The C2B2 group of associated partners is absolutely essential for the programme. This group consists of stakeholders from industry and the public sector. Our associated partners contribute with their experience and expertise from their respective domains and sectors. Most of them participate in the C2B2 LivingLabs.

Industry stakeholders

Public sector stakeholders


The C2B2 programme board members bring new perspectives, experiences and networks to C2B2 and help to disseminate its results.

Robin Teigland, chairperson

Professor of Strategy and Management of Digitalization


Ewa Skoog Haslum

Rear Adminiral, Chief of the Swedish Navy


Richard William Hawkins

Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology and Society

Jan van Tatenhove

Professor of Marine and Delta Governance


Catarina Hedar

Head of Unit International Affairs


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