Reshaping Sweden’s relationship with the ocean

One of the specific aims of C2B2 is to reshape our (societal) relationship with the ocean. ‘Being out there’ in various forms and more permanently means a larger part of society has a stake in the ocean. C2B2 will instil new ways of working together and practicing science-based participatory ocean governance, so that more actors and individuals have a direct stake offshore. This will affect place-based social cohesion and relations to the sea including stronger social, cultural and economic links to the offshore environment, sustainable employment opportunities and value chains within an increasingly sustainable blue economy. Moreover, the C2B2 approach is inherently inclusive, equitable and gender-equal and the programme – during its very implementation – is designed to benefit not merely the ‘privileged few’ but broad groups that otherwise often remain disadvantaged and/or excluded from governance relevant processes, economic opportunities and cultural experiences, including those related to the ocean.

Contact persons

Torsten Linders

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