Overview September 2023 – December 2024

Stage1 Inception (M1-6)2 Implementation (M7-36)

Deliverables September 2023 – December 2024

  • December 2023: D2.1 Open inventory (#1) (database) of marine data collection projects.
  • December 2023: [no number] Project Handbook and Communication and Dissemination strategy, which will function as an evolving and living documents.
  • February 2024: [no number] C2B2 Innovation Management Plan.
  • February 2024: D4.1 Prototype LivingLabs methodology and initial guidance with generic case compendium.
  • March 2024: D1.1 Synthesis (#1) of the offshore ecosystems in the C2B2 case study areas.
  • April 2024: D1.2 Toolbox (#1) with numerical tools & models for ecosystem & climate assessments and simulations.
  • August 2024: D3.1 Synthesis (#1) of the state of the art in ocean governance in the C2B2 case studies.
  • Events and communication efforts September 2023 – December 2024

  • September 2023: Kick-off meeting for all twelve C2B2 partners, three days on-site in Gothenburg. ✅
  • October 2023 ✅ and July and October 2024: C2B2 presentations in Open Access Government.
  • November 2023: Kick-off meeting for C2B2 stakeholders (associated partners), one day on-site in Gothenburg, in conjunction with the first Mission Arena of BlueMissionBANOS. ✅
  • January (tbc) 2024: Stakeholder hackathon.
  • February (tbc) 2024: Within task T1.1, a small international workshop with experts will be convened, by invitation only, to produce a widely accepted list facts, uncertainties, and most urgent knowledge gaps.
  • May (tbc) 2024: Offshore test day (#1), using UGOT’s research vessel Skagerak, to allow technology developers and entrepreneurs to test the multifunctionality of their sensors, platforms, robots and other hardware in any Swedish offshore water, and beyond.
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